Every Step Counts No Matter How Small


Always give yourself credit for showing up. The fact you got up to do your workout is enough. Just keep moving the needle closer to your goal. Every rep counts. Everything you do towards your weight loss goal is a win. Small steps are still steps. But sitting on your butt and wishing is not going to get you to your goals.
Keep taking steps towards it. Abolish the doubts and those who doubt you. You’ve got this. Continue no matter how small or great the step. Just go out there and do it. Action is the name of the game.

Here are some simple ways to keep taking steps

  • Wake up and give thanks. This helps put you in a gratitude mindset.
  • Read success stories of people who achieve their weight loss goal.
  • Do simple push-ups and body squats around your house.
  • When washing dishes, do calve raises.
  • Refresh your outlook on how you are suppose to win.
  • Go through anyways, sometimes you may not feel like it at first, but the moment you start to eat right or exercise you start to build momentum.

So stay encourage no matter how small or great the steps. You are on a journey for the betterment of your health.

Your trainer and friend Necessary.

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