phat girl,

Not everyone is going to like you or celebrate you.  “Yeah, you did it is not going to be a reception you hear from others.

-Here’s a public announcement- Not everyone is going to like you or celebrate you. If you’re waiting for a standing ovation.

Then keep on waiting.

The sad truth is some of your friends, colleagues and family members won’t be happy for you. Sorry that I had to be the one that tells you.

A long time ago I went to this program that focuses on giving up bad habits to move on towards a better life. On this particular night. There was this pastor there. He stopped by to give a word of encouragement. In his short pep talk he said something that has stayed with me forever, “some people function in your dysfunction”

There are some people you know who likes the fact that you’re overweight. Some like the fact that you’re still struggling to keep the pounds off. . Some like the fact that you failed at your last diet program.

To them as long as you “REMAIN THE SAME, REMAIN ON THE GROUND, THEN they can look down on you.

I have to tell you this again. Not everyone wants to see you do well. Not everyone wants you to lose the weight. They like the fact that you’re the fat one. You are the one who makes them feel good about themselves. They like the fact when you all go out, you make them look good. Sad isn’t it. But its true. I’m sure you have that “friend” that likes to tell you how much she is dating and doing this and doing that. All the while she’s using you as a sounding board. That isn’t a real friend. I bet once you loss the weight and gain your confidence and you start to get attention. She will turn on you.

I want you to wake up.

As long as you’re not moving forward they’re okay with that.

There’s something else I want you to know. Just as scared as you are wanting to lose this weight. They are scared of losing you. They are scared of who you will become. But that’s really none of your business or should it be. They have to deal with that, not you.

When it comes to your weight. You’ve heard me right your weight. It’s up to you to do something about it.

Don’t be the fat one in the group.

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Your friend and trainer Necessary.