Have you ever been stuck, not knowing what the next step to take? Ever wanted someone to come along and say, “hey here is the next step.”

Well Here I am to tell you to start with what you have. do with what you’ve got.

It’s easy to complain and find fault but believe it or not it’s easier to DO something.

You may not have a clear direction right now.road-sign confused

but do something towards your goal.

we all have opposition coming against us, whether it be, illness, lack of money, a bad break up. truth be told you still can kick life’s butt and get what you really want.

use what you’ve got now you have something in your hand. remember in the Bible Moses only had a staff and God used that staff as a tool/instrument to perform miracles. His staff turned into a serpent, he raised his staff towards heaven to do other wonders.

As simple as a stick can be used by God to illustrate great wonders. You also have something in your hand to change the direction of your life.

Find that thing and use it to your best ability. you know what it is. it’s flashing in the image of your mind. use that thing. yes it seems simple, but it will yield you much success. As a old passage states, “But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise; God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong.”

So use that you have.

At your service Necessary.

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