never back downWomen have breast not man. Plain and simple. I can remember back in my hay day of bodybuilding I had what is referred to as “man boobs” getting a tity twister from friends was no fun, no fun at all. So I had a choice either get a bra or lose the man boobs. I went for the latter. In this Peck of Steel workload I will give you details of how you can turn your pecks into a sight even the gods of mount Olympus will applaud you.

But like any great work out there are two major things that must come into play. 1 the mindset 2 the diet.

Let’s tackle the mindset first. The first thing I want you to do is know that you have great pecks. if you have a set of man boobs drooping now. see them as pecks of steel. When you are on the bench and about to unrack the weight to press it up and down. feel the muscle fibers contracting as you move the weight up and down. Get a visual of the formation of the fibers shaping into a decent pair of pecks. When you get enough blood in those fibers know that you are burning away the fat tissues and forming muscles. This simple mind trick will give you enough confidence to do a few more set.

Now for the diet. Protein, protein, protein. shoot for lean protein in this workload. What I normally do is have 4-5 egg whites in the morning and 1/2 cup of raw oats. After the workout shoot for a protein shake ranging from 32-45 grams of protein. throughout the day drink enough water. shoot for a 1/2 a gallon to a gallon of water. staying hydrated will keep you full and remove toxins from your body when you relieve yourself. For lunch or meal 3 shoot for a chicken wrap with honey mustard dressing. For meal 4 have some almonds, one to two handfuls at best. for meal 5 either a protein shake or lean beef with broccoli add 1 cup of cooked rice. Lastly for meal 6 a good ol’ fashion protein shake will do the trick.

Here Comes The Pain

Okay now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s get rid of your man boobs and give you those nice set of pecks you’ve been wanting.

This program has you doing chest twice a week. Day 1 and Day 4. or Mondays and Fridays. On your first day of training your chest the reps stays the same you only increase the weight by 5-10 lbs on the 3rd set but the rep stays the same. for example 1st set is 70 lbs of 10 reps, the 2nd set will be the same. But the 3rd set will be 90 lb of 10 reps.

On the second day you work on your chest. This is where we bring in the pyramid training. What this means is that with every set you increase the weight to 5-10 lbs while decreasing the reps by 2. For example on your first set you do 90 lb of 10 reps. The next set should look like this, 110 lbs of 8 reps. You follow that system till you do the last set.

*15-20 reps warm up. I truly believe doing a light weight warm-up set. this gets your muscles and joints warm up for the intensity of a good workout.

When it comes to rest. Rest between 45-60 seconds between sets. In the 3rd week of the workload in day 4 of the chest workload. Aim for 60-90 seconds rest period. *the pyramid training one.

Dumbbell Press on flat bench: 5 sets of 10-8 reps. On your first set do a warm up set of 15 reps with moderate weight.
___/lbs 15 reps* ___lbs/10 rep ___lbs/8reps ___lbs/6 reps ___lbs/ 4 Reps

Barbell Incline Press: 5 reps of 10-8 reps. (we are keeping the reps mid-high here.)

___/lbs 15 reps* ___lbs/10 rep ___lbs/10 reps ___lbs/ 10 reps ___lbs/10 reps

Diamond Push-Ups:

1st set/ 10 reps 2nd set/ 10 reps 3rd set/ 10 reps

Seated Machine Chest Press:

___/lbs 15 reps* ___lbs/10 rep ___lbs/10 reps ___lbs/10 reps ___lbs/10 Reps

Day 4 (Second chest workload)

Flat bench Barbell Press:

___/lbs 15 reps* ___lbs/10 rep ___lbs/8reps ___lbs/6 reps ___lbs/ 4 Reps

Flat Bench Dumbbell Fly:

___/lbs 15 reps* ___lbs/10 rep ___lbs/8reps ___lbs/6 reps ___lbs/ 4 Reps

Decline Chest Press:

___/lbs 15 reps* ___lbs/10 rep ___lbs/8reps ___lbs/6 reps ___lbs/ 4 Reps

Wide Angle Dips on dip station: (this will hit the triceps, but you are to lean in on this work-out to target the outer pecks for more definition and a burning sensation. which only means you are burning away your “man boobs”)

1st set/ 10 reps 2nd set/ 10 reps 3rd set/ 10 reps


This Chest Workload is a 5 week program. Follow it and I guarantee you will see results. Add it to your workout and tell me if I m lying.

On week 3 you will notice significant change in strength. Go ahead and add more weights to the program. You will also see your man boobs morph into those man size pecks that will get all the ladies looking and the guys asking you, “how do I get a big chest like you?” Simply reply I got these from necessary

Fire up some steak for a testosterone induced meal. Doing this chest work out you need some good old fashion lean protein. Saute flank steaks and serve with broccoli either add one sweet potato or a side of steam rice.Lean protein

Transforming your man boobs into a sculpted marvel will take time and sheer effort. But there is something you can do to make it work faster. Limit your consumption of soy products. Soy milk has been proven to increase estrogen (the female hormone) in your case may be helping feeding your breast tissue. Avoid it during your training to gain more of a manly chest.

soy protein