If you are in the market to lose weight or gain lean muscle mass then Fitbit blaze is the right product for you. There are a variety of fitness trackers out there, but fitbit rival the competition. With the innovative Fitstar onscreen gives you a top notch workout progress log. Keep track of your steps, exercises, duration bouts in seconds.


  • The Fitbit blaze features heart rate Pure Plus, which monitor your heart rate throughout a workout session. You no longer have to rely on an uncomfortable chest strap. Fitbit Blaze is made for the fitness enthusiast of today.
  • Connected GPS- keeps you onFitbit Blaze health trainer lode 10 pounds track with your workout stats. Sync it with your phone to map out your routes, whether it be a run in the park or a jog down the street. No matter the course you set-Fitbit blaze will track your progress.

Take the guesswork out of your work outs. you have more important things on your mind, than to keep track of all the tedious task. Fitbit blaze does all the tech and science for you. What you are left with is to just go out and have a great workout.

Fitbit Blaze health trainer lode 10 pounds


Fitbit isn’t just about getting fit. It’s also about style. For example you go for your morning run in your black wristband. Later on that night you can interchange the wrist band for a more casual night out for your date. All you need to do is put on the band to compliment the event. With this great feature of interchangeable bands, you will look like you have multiple watches. This is why people love fitbit aside from tracking their fitness achievements. Go and check out the cool bands you can wear with your Fitbit blaze.

fitbit style