food cooler If you are as mobile as I am. It can be tough for you to always reach for a healthy meal or snack. Driving from one appointment to another can leave you vulnerable to eat fattening fast foods. Over the years of training and living a healthy lifestyle. I have come up with some ways to eat healthy even on my busiest days on the   One way to prevent driving to the drive-thru is having a mini cooler in your car. This will save you from eating empty calories and fast food. What you should do is place a food cooler in your trunk or back seat with some essential nutrients to help you eat healthy. Here is a list of items;

  1. A can opener. Having a can opener in there will help you with canned fruits you store in the cooler or tuna cans and other types of canned goods.
  2. Protein powder. This is a no brainer, place a packet or a zip-lock bag of protein powder in there so you will always have protein to drink. Also add a scoop (measuring spoon) pack different flavors so you won’t get bored with the same old taste.
  3. Water: this can either be in the cooler or somewhere else in the car. You should always have a bottle of water in your car. I usually leave some in the back seat. So when I get thirsty I can reach for it. Instead of driving to a store to buy a soft drink. Plus they come in handy to mix your protein shake.
  4. Mix nuts or trail mix: have in your cooler some almonds or trial mix with dried fruits. When you crave something sweet and nutty. You can just reach for them on the go.
  5. An extra shaker or sippy cup. Any type of medium cup with a tight lid will help you mix your protein powder drink.
  6. Tuna pouches, canned tuna.
  7. Instant oats (individual size servings)
  8. Granola bars or granola cereals. This is a perfect carbs loaded energy. It’s crunchy and delicious. Simply buy a granola cereal and place some in a zip-lock back.
  9. Single serve peanut butter or your favorite natural peanut, almond butter.

When you spend most of your time behind the wheel you tend to get hungry. It’s easy to sit in the driver’s seat, pull up to a drive-thru window and have someone else prepare your food. But that food isn’t the best value for your body. Yes it is convenient and maybe a value to your wallet and time. But in the long-term the value depreciate. By depreciate I mean your health depreciate.   The alternative is to pull over in a parking lot, grab your cooler and make something healthy. I know this seems inconvenient but you have to think of the value you are adding to yourself. When you decided you wanted to be healthy. You also decided to take on a new approach to eating healthy. Because you are not doing what everybody else is doing, therefore you will have a better looking body and a healthier body.   Sure others go to the drive-thru, but you are on a different path now. So you have to do things differently, you must have a different approach to achieve your goal. It’s that simple. Having this cooler in your car is going to help you stay on track to eating healthy. Ask yourself, what can I also add in this cooler when I’m on the road? Have fun coming up with food you can keep in there that you enjoy. Remember this is just a go-to cooler when you are on the road. Don’t abuse its convenience. Look at it this way it’s a fast food drive-thru replacement cooler.   At your service, your friend and trainer, Necessary.