In the wee hour of the morning the scale reads ??? Then you weigh yourself again and this number shows up ???. By now you wonder what is going on? Then sometimes later you weigh yourself just to see what the scale would say. Only to either be disappointed or pleased.
First of all the scale is your friend. Yes I said the scale is your friend. Why, because it tells you the truth. The truth in numbers. A scale is a one dimensional object. All it does is shows you a number. The number can either make you feel sad or happy. The choice is yours.
If you find yourself weighing yourself in the morning, mid-day and at night. You are going to drive yourself crazy. As you move towards your goal. I know it is good you have set a weight you like to be in. or lose. But understand that. There is a way to weigh yourself without being a hamster on the scale. One method is to weigh yourself in the morning. Jot down that time. Then a month later on that same day and time weigh yourself again. You can do that half the month also.
The goal here is to let your body, the diet, the exercise, and hormones and bodily fluid adjust to your regimen. One thing you should know is that stress plays a factor in weight gain and medication you may be taking. Knowing this will help you better understand that even though the scale reads one number in the morning and another number at night. You have to consider how your day has been. And the stressors you faced.
That is why it is best to weigh yourself either every two weeks or once a month at the same time. For example October 1 at 8 am. Then your next weigh in should be on the following month. This will give you more peace of mind. So you won’t get discouraged when the scale doesn’t move because you weigh yourself an hour ago or two days ago. Give your body time to adjust to the workouts. Trust me I know
Till next time your personal trainer and friend