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Besides personal training and working out, I spend my time helping people in various ways. One in particular is writing. I have penned many books. These two I’m particular fund of. I want to offer these powerful books to you. Being a born again christian I study the word to show myself approve.

when you live as long as I have you began to understand that life is about giving and sharing. Everything you learn and apply successfully is supposed to be shared to better the next generation.

It’s passing on the torch sort of speak.

In this powerful book you will learn the secret principle how to manage your money.

Be empowered each day as you read and meditate for 40 days.

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The book clearly presents a great devotional guide. The author Deacon Samuel Agustin shows a solid background in terms of spirituality and foundation in the Word of God. Each chapter provides short object lessons or stories to better understand the specific scripture passage. The simple and short stories helps in connecting the scripture passage in order to better understand it and reflect in God’s Word. A great guide to strengthening your relationship with God and feeding your soul!

Lindsay Lee

A great read and a reflection to all mankind! I say reflection because many neglect or even forget God and sometimes blame God in all the trials we had. We forget to say even a little thanks in everyday. I am touched by the author through this book. Faith and love to God must prevail so that we can have a peaceful world to live in.A big Thanks to you Samuel Augustin for sharing this wonderful book of Faith!

Brianna Denise Krooberg